JKC Clinic provides three main types of adult day care services: those that focus primarily on social interaction, those that provide medical care, and those dedicated to Alzheimer’s care.


We are also affiliated with other organizations, including home care agencies, skilled nursing facilities, medical centers, or other senior service providers.

Many adult day care centers rely on volunteers to run various activities, staffs at JKC clinic consists of a social worker, an activity director, and an activity aide, who is a certified nursing aide (CNA). We also keep al regulation provided by the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA) and its Standards and Guidelines for Adult Day Care.


Benefits & Services

Adult day care facilities can provide a variety of services and activities, including:

Assistance with eating, taking medicines, toileting, and/or walking


Educational programs or mental stimulation

Exercise programs

Health monitoring (e.g., blood pressure, food or liquid intake)

Podiatry care

Preparation of meals and snacks

Social activities

Therapy (occupational, physical, speech, etc.)

Transportation services


Social activities in adult day care centers can include:




Field trips



Holiday parties

Music therapy

Pet therapy

Relaxation techniques

Health plans which we accept:

Mostrar Mais

Not covered by any of these plans? Contact us and we will find the best solution to suit you.  

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